Christian is a former Ashland U football team captain. He is an ACSM Health & Fitness Specialist with his B.S. in Exercise Science. Prior to attending college, Christian was an ALL-STATE wide receiver who also starred for the Newark H.S. basketball team.

Christian’s clients say they can’t believe what he’s helped them achieve and they can’t get enough of his calorie-scorching workouts!


Education / Certifications / Licensure:

Ashland University

• B.S. in Exercise Science

o Minor in Coaching

American College of Sports Medicine

• Certified Health & Fitness Specialist

Wellcoaches (ACSM approved)

• Health and Wellness Coach (in progress)

Christian’s story:

I grew up in Newark, Ohio and from an early age was always involved in sports. My life in athletics began with soccer, but soon expanded to include basketball and football. During these years I developed a passion for competition that continued into HS, where I lettered in football, basketball, and track. In football I excelled playing wide receiver to the point where I was able to attend college as a scholarship athlete.

As an athlete, I have found the human body to be fascinating. I have always been truly amazed by how it works. This with my desire to pursue a career helping people with their health made Exercise Science a natural choice for my major. Once graduated, I decided to become certified as a trainer. I had worked out my entire life for sports, and saw the impact proper exercise had made on my performance. I could now use my knowledge and experience to train and educate people on how to create healthy bodies of their own.

I have a passion for improving athletic performance through the use of purpose specific training methods such as plyometrics. Most personal trainers have a niche; athlete training is without a doubt my specialization of choice. Not to imply that all of my clients are sports stars (many have never played a sport in their lives), but owning an athletic background has allowed me to forge a unique connection with the athletes I train. My training style is typically fast paced, yet controlled, with each and every client’s current ability level being taken into full consideration. I focus mainly on functional movements that involve the entire body, maintaining a combination of maximum intensity coupled with absolute safety. I always aim keep my sessions fun and interesting, never allowing routines to become stale. I believe that variety, along with a little laughter are critical components of a successful workout.

After three years of training clients, I have seen not only the importance of health through fitness, but also the effect our physical health has on our overall well being. This has led me to pursue a certification in wellness coaching, which I will be happy have as yet another tool in my arsenal for helping our clients.

The desire for physical competition remains embedded in me and thus, I continue to be involved in rec. league sports such as basketball, football, and volleyball. I have also competed at the natural level in men’s Physique competition (think of it as a far less “monstrous” form of bodybuilding). This is yet another way to challenge myself and to keep my competitive fire burning. We all have something that drives us, how can I help you harness the energy of what truly drives you?


Ultimate Options (large groups):

Ultimate Fight

• Wednesdays at 6:30 pm

• Saturdays at 10:00 am

Horsing Around (check with Christian before joining)

• Mondays at 6:00 pm

Fat Burning Furnace (check with Christian before joining)

• Thursdays at 7:30 am

Small Groups (3 to 6 people – check with Christian before joining)

• Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5:30 am (Sweat Before Sunrise)

• Tuesdays and Thursday at 6:00 pm (Sculpting the Sisters)

• Friday at 4:00 pm (MAN UP)


• Through outstanding commitment to his client’s success and the demand it has created for his time, Christian has elevated himself to Elite Level training status.  Additionally he holds the position on Assistant Director of Marketing at the U.

  • Limited availability for new clients
  • Email for a free consultation prior to beginning your training